Facebook Opened Doors to OpenID – Now Connect With Your Gmail Account!

Recently, Facebook has announced its support for OpenID. Now, you can easily register on Facebook with your Gmail account and existing users can enjoy an automatic login while they access their Gmail. This may seem like a sigh of relief to the internet browsers who no longer really should remember multiple addresses and passwords and of course it gets a lot easier for new users to register themselves in the exact location with their already existing Gmail account.

OpenID is good for just two main reasons:

1. It’ll increase the registration rate. As stated by gmail.com signup , Facebook’s representative on OpenID Foundation board, in his interview with AllFacebook, Facebook has witnessed an augmented registration rate in user-testing.2. It’ll expand the social chart. Even though this service is qualified for Facebook.com for now but as it’ll expand with Facebook connect, letting users visit third party websites, true will take another step higher towards sharing and interesting throughout the web.

From the user-testing, results revealed an interesting simple fact users who register on the site through OpenID tend to rent even more. Avoiding wearisome registration, they quickly get on board and find their friends more easily, getting an easier way to engage swiftly thorough this site.

After much speculation, Facebook finally brought its support to OpenID and could be the biggest applicant on date for now. According to Facebook, the service is only in its inception and as soon as it’s penetrated into the cyber space, there can be many more iterations. Next, in the pipeline after Google will be Yahoo, which is providing an OpenID for a this or so. All about this means, Facebook is trying all ways to maximize its reach.